Checks and repairs composite structural parts of aircraft. Requires a high school diploma or its equivalent. May be required to be licensed in certain areas of specialty. Has knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job.
Involves working under limited supervision and working in a loud environment with a variety of epoxy agents, this position performs a variety of non-routine and non-repetitive procedures and assists in the fabrication, curing, build-up and assembly of various types of composite materials where required information is readily available, methods and sequences have been pre-determined and tooling is provided or in some cases must be manufactured in house. Works to blueprints, templates, sample parts, process sheets and other authorized information. 


Minimum 3 years of experience in aircraft composite repairs
Must have the ability to work tasks solely from engineering drawings
Ability to read and interpret engineering blueprints and notations
Ability to research & work from SRM repairs, Blueprints, Service Bulletins, AD's, etc.
Use of precision calibrated equipment and measurement/recording devices
Use of routers, drills, grinders and other tools
Use of Hot bond equipment such as hot bonders, ovens, autoclaves, etc.
High degree of knowledge in Composite Repair Industry practices
Knowledge of quality assurance and inspection
Knowledge of pre-preg, wet layup, metalbond practices
Must be self-driven with high independence and a high level of integrity
Must be an effective communicator
Must be motivated and a self-starter
Ability to sit, stand, bend, lay and move in different directions with ability to stand in one area for full shift
Ability to lift up to 50 lbs
Must be capable of wearing a fitted respirator and other Personal Protective Equipment as required by the job function
A can-do attitude and willingness to learn and advance
Motivated and ability to work assigned shifts without absenteeism is a must


Assist in the preparation of molds and forms. 
Mark and cut tape, woven material, honeycomb, adhesive and similar materials following templates, guides or specific dimensions and sequences. 
Route, drill, trim, and sand to blueprint dimensions and tolerances. Operate hot bonder as required. Assist in the lay-up of composite materials to molds. 
Fit and smooth successive layers of materials as necessary to secure build-up free from wrinkles, air pockets and voids following directions and instructions. 
Assist in the development of shop aids to facilitate fabrication, trimming and assembly as required.  
Assemble Aircraft components using structural adhesives, rivets and threaded fasteners. 
Prepare surface and paint composite and metal components including bodywork, contour shaping and sanding. Apply spray application of epoxy paints, urethane and water based epoxy coatings, using a high volume low-pressure spray gun. 
Check expiration dates of materials prior to use, prepare proper mixes of resins and catalysts. 
May make continuity checks on work in progress and may monitor and verify quality in accordance with statistical process or other control procedures. 
Maintain records as required. Supports the quality process by maintaining work area in an orderly condition by returning tools, equipment and materials to storage areas. 
Responsible for observing all laws, regulations and other applicable obligations wherever and whenever business is conducted on behalf of the Company. Expected to work in a safe manner in accordance with established operating procedures and practices.