CPR Ltd can make your custom composite structure parts. Our highly trained and experienced Team will guide and support you through all manufacturing phases to the desired end product.

This Service includes Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and Green Energy industries.


Some Examples:

➡ Experimental Aircraft custom parts

➡ NDT Standards

➡ Sattelites custom parts (prototypes)

➡ Luxury Cars custom parts

➡ Yacht custom interior panels

➡ New prototypes of wind turbine blades etc.

Our CPR Ltd Team members will listen to your ideas and needs, design (if drawings are not providen) and make your prototype, that eventually can be launched to the production line if required.


Our prices are competitive. In addition, our customer service exceeds all expectations and will provide support and maintenance for your part/product/component lifetime.

Where to start?

Contact our Team:  


*- Service limited to composite structures